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Property Lost: Zip Lock Bag With Four Blue Diabetic Pill Boxes
Lost Place: Airline Lounge
Lost Country: United States of America
Lost Airlines: Copa Airlines
Flight Number: 286-Depart 5:15PM1122018
Lost Date: Nov 02,2018
Lost Time: 17:10:00
Location Details: Zip Lock bag containing four blue Diabetic pill-boxes was last seen on or below the seating chair in the passenger waiting area at Gate 24. My wife Esmelyn Welch and I hurriedly made our way to the boarding spot in response to the calling of Group 3 to begin boarding the COPA aircraft scheduled to depart for Panama City, Panama PTY at 5:15 P.M.The last available Diabetes pill from an already opened pill-box was consumed at 3:00P.M. yesterday 1182018. Prior to that point in time, neither my wife nor I discovered that I was nearing the end of the usable supply and needed to focus on opening the reserve supply of four seven-day set of pill boxes.Please try-y-y-y-y to located the missing zip lock bag as extensive a search as possible to help save my life.Edgardo Welch
Additional Information: The generic names of the medications is GLUBURIDEMETHFORMIN 500MG color light gray, pinky-nail length ATORVASTATIN 5MG, White, small oval-shape OMEPRASOL 5MG Salmon and White time-release capsule and VITAMIN 12 Small round Pink normal pill.Could your Airport Authority consult with the detail clean-up crew members of the terminalgate 24 area, to find out if anyone might have found it prior to the beginning of their regular day-off time or might have turned-it in to one of the other terminalgate areas by mistake

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